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Retail POS

The right prescription for pharmacy retail POS solutions

The integrated point of sale solution which is easy to use and intuitive, focuses on patient care and customer service.

At INNSOF, we have designed a highly reliable pharmacy retail POS solution that helps your pharmacists to carry out their day-to-day tasks efficiently, and manage patient prescriptions and over-the-counter products with ease. The system provides many features for fast and easy customer service.

It enables you to track expiry dates batch-wise, find generic names of medicines, and easily search alternate drug options, control medicines, block billing of drugs to customers, alert you on drugs that will soon expire, enable you to locate bins, discounts, voids, returns, held-up bills, warranty items, multiple payment options, currency exchange, loyalty card points, etc., making optimum management of drugs hassle-free. Session management allows store managers to monitor counter-wise cash flows easily. It ensures perfect billing with accurate tax structure and guarantees ease of filing.

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