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Our Specialities

Insightful applications for your future success

Business Domain Knowledge

“Profound knowledge in business processes”

INNSOF has excellent business domain expertise in healthcare, and provides first class ERP solutions with advanced business intelligence and automation. We are dedicated to helping our clients run their business efficiently, supporting them to gain greater insight into their business activities, and providing them lasting benefits by automating their business processes.

Technical Expertise

“High-tech savvy team for robust solutions”

Our talent pool comprises skilled professionals highly experienced in ERP product development, web and mobile application development, e-Commerce, and solution integrations. We are confident of providing SMEs the best class suite of solutions that will help them achieve their set goals. Our bouquet of products and solutions offer our customers robust and customizable security-enhanced IT solutions that would help to meet business challenges in the most effective way.

Superior Customer Experience

“Seamless user-experience to impress your stakeholders”

At INNSOF, we deliver powerful, integrated healthcare solutions which will provide its stakeholders utmost satisfaction, enabling business automation with an intuitive userexperience and continuous innovation. We help healthcare professionals to utilize the full potential of modern technologies, enabling more visibility in every aspect of business and data-driven decisions.

Business Ethics

“Empower the businesses with ethical standards”

We inherited our ethical business principles from our forefathers who were engaging a small family business. Our team of experienced professionals believe in ethical behavior in every business activity. We have gained credibility by sticking to our commitments, and meeting our objectives through honorable conduct.

Our Strengths

“Powerful solution for your business challenges”

Our business philosophy is to treat our clients as partners, and assist them in meeting their IT solution deployment objectives, keeping in mind the project resources. We are proud of our technical abilities, our ability to understand a client’s requirements and translate them into efficient solutions. Environmental sustainability practices form the bedrock principle of INNSOF. Our strength is the trust and confidence we have earned from our employees, customers and suppliers.

Code of Conduct

“Proper principles to ensure success with honesty”

The code of conduct is our central policy document that outlines the requirements that every person working for the company must comply with.

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment
  • Highest level of integrity
  • Compliance with applicable environmental, economic, social, health and safety regulations
  • Employee harassment will not be tolerated
  • Ethical principles of behavior serve as a guideline for all decisions and actions
  • Trust is fundamental to everything we do
  • Protection of assets and information management

Our clients

We ascertain our clients’ exact challenges, and provide them the most efficient and quality solutions.