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Infinite possibilities bringing to your business

Infinite possibilities
bringing to your business

INNSOF is a technology solution provider who offers innovative, secured, industry focused simple business solutions with focus on the healthcare industry.

With 30+ years of professional experience behind us, we have designed a robust, feature rich healthcare suite of software applications that can provide high value to our clients in pharmacy chain, supply chain, trading and distribution, warehouse management, inventory control, human resources, customer relations, financial accounts, fixed assets, e-Commerce, outpatient unit, multi-speciality medical center, and medical laboratory, radiology and optics. We simplify your business processes in healthcare management to help you focus on what’s really important, and care for your stakeholders, especially customers and employees, to the maximum.

We provide end to end solutions with a broad spectrum of applications on web and mobile platforms. Armed with a pool of professionals with techno-commercial expertise in the business domain as well as digital technologies, we help you understand customer requirements, and deliver the best suitable solutions on timely and professional manner. Our focus is on providing customers maximum satisfaction through true returns for their investments.

We are committed to providing the best possible integrated solutions that are simple and secure for operational efficiency, with automated workflows and improved customer care.


Envisages attaining the global leader status in providing healthcare solutions by integrating newer technologies.


Our vast industry experience and proven technical capabilities enable us to provide leading-edge intelligent IT solutions in the simplest forms, adopting ethical practices and leveraging the latest value-added technologies and services which are easily accessible and cost-effective. To deploy efficient, impactful interventions that significantly improve efficiency.

Our clients

We ascertain our clients’ exact challenges, and provide them the most efficient and quality solutions.