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Innsof cutting edge

Powerful solutions that simplify your business process

INNSOF, is a leading business solution provider for the healthcare industry. The name “INNSOF” stands for
Innovation, Networking, NewGen, Sustainability, Optimism, and Fascination, which are the company’s core values.

Innsof Cutting Edge


“Incredible innovative solutions for amazing results”

Innovation is the backbone of our business as it is ingrained in our DNA. INNSOF is responsible for creating innovative concepts through research and development, and that is taking the company to new heights.


“Networking with stakeholders focusing on achieving the utmost satisfaction”

Our multidisciplinary team networks with our stakeholders throughout the process. This open mode of communication, coupled with efficient and effective deliveries, enhances the quality of a product and helps it to meet the expectations of both the client and the end user.


“Discovering the fastest and most powerful”

We inherited our ethical business principles from our forefathers, who were engaging a small family business. The journey from pipeline to portfolio has been arduous, but we are precise in our dealings and certain about our NewGen science and technologies. We know that our ideas and our team make a winning combination.


“Environmentally friendly, working towards a secure future”

Sustainable environmental practices form the bedrock of our principles. Being reliable and secure will make a great impact on the software industry. INNSOF works as a team throughout, and pays great attention to details; be it design, implementation, validation or the release.


“Committed professionals, dedicated to finding solutions to even the most challenging problems”

We are optimistic, as well as honest and trustworthy. We have always believed in collaboration not competition, so our team is able to work with you no matter how complex your requirements.


“Inspiring team who value your business”

We take a genuine interest in all our stakeholders. We respect the opinions and backgrounds of everyone we work with, treating people and people rather than numbers.

Our clients

We ascertain our clients’ exact challenges, and provide them the most efficient and quality solutions.